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June 2000 : Editorial

Frequently Asked Questions
by Jim Mock <[email protected]>

Since I work at BSDi, I (and the rest of the employees here) often get asked a lot of questions about the company, mainly what's going to happen as far as a code merge goes. I'd like to take the time now to explain how things are going to work on that front.

As far as a code merge goes, the company (BSDi) will maintain its existing BSD/OS technology track and related product lines (which includes the BSDi Internet Super Server, and value-added BSD). The company will also work to share and exchange technologies and provide the open source project (FreeBSD) with operational and technical resources. FreeBSD will remain open source, developed by the FreeBSD Project, and distributed under the BSD license.

Another question I get a lot of is "So does this mean BSD/OS will be free too?". No. That is a commercial product that includes both open source and proprietary code. The BSD/OS source code will continue to be available to customers who wish to purchase a license for it (as they can now). It will not, however, become a free operating system.

"Ok then, so FreeBSD isn't going to be free anymore either, right?" Uhm, no. FreeBSD will remain free. That's what being an open source operating system is all about. It is developed by the community, for the community under the BSD license, and if the company tried to make it commercial, developers would go find the needed resources elsewhere and continue developing. The company is working with the FreeBSD Project to enhance and share technologies and has several engineers who have and will continue to work on the FreeBSD Project. BSDi will continue to distribute FreeBSD on CDROM and back the project with both money and resources.

As you can see, there is absolutely no reason to be freaking out about what is going to happen to FreeBSD. You need to keep in mind that BSDI merged with Walnut Creek CDROM to form BSDi, not the FreeBSD Project, so before you start ranting about FreeBSD "selling out", think before you open your mouth.

Until next time,

- jim

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