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March 2000 : Newbies Corner

Newbies Corner
by The FreeBSDzine Crew <[email protected]>

Welcome to the Newbies Corner column. Here we will attempt to address the needs of all of those users out there who are new to FreeBSD. However, even the veteran FreeBSD junkie may find some useful bits of information that he/she was unaware of. FreeBSD is made up of so many different programs and utilities, so it is highly unlikely that any given person will know about every single one.

If you have a question or tip that you would like to have considered for inclusion in the column please email us at [email protected].

We stand corrected...

Last issue Harry Souders found an error in Perl solution that we offered up in Q & A. Thanks to Harry for pointing this out and we apologize to our readers for this little mistake. We hope the revival of your favorite ezine makes up for it. This correct perl command to strip HTML tags our of a file is:

	perl -pe 's/<[^>]*>//g' filename.html

Fragments, Tips and Facts

A standard 486-DX100 PC, with a 500MB hard drive, capable of supporting up to four Serial Terminals via standard COM ports. A number of text-based applications are available in the ports collection (text editors, mail readers, spread sheets) which can allow user to become quite productive in a text only environment. Serial Terminals are frequently available second hand, and at a low cost.

At the time of writing, the Seti At Home project has recorded 589270 received results for computers running FreeBSD.


Q & A Speak


I have an APC Smart UPS and I would like to use it with my FreeBSD box. APC's software doesn't support FreeBSD. Are there any third party packages?


Yes. The upsd-2.0 and upsmon-2.1.3 ports support the APC Smart UPS range.

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