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February 2000 : FreeBSD News

FreeBSD News
by Joel Sutton <[email protected]>

FreeBSD at Linux World
Jordan's Photo Album

"FreeBSD, sponsored by Walnut Creek, and BSDI shared a 20'x20' booth at LinuxWorld in New York City this week. I went up to New York City to share in work at the show and see all the FreeBSD and BSDI folks that had gathered there. FreeBSD was very well received at this show--a show dedicated to Linux. Among the many factors that contributed to the Projects success at LinuxWorld were three items:" -- Daemon News

A variety of comments, and possibly criticisms, have surfaced due to the very popular "FreeBSD Booth Babes". Numerous people have suggested that FreeBSD should be able to stand on it's own, without any marketing of this kind.

FreeBSD 4.0
FreeBSD 4.0 Special Edition

"Twenty-one days from the official release, FreeBSD 4.0 Release Candidate is now on FreeBSD?s FTP servers. For links to the FTP site and ISO images click on the link." -- Daemon News

"FreeBSD 4.0 will be released in late February 2000 as a fully-operational release, rather than a Snapshot. However, we don't expect all FreeBSD customers are quite ready for a major "dot-0" release so we're only offering it to those of you brave souls who REALLY want it. At this time we are not abandoning 3.X, as a matter of fact 3.5 is due to be released in May 2000 and will be shipped as usual to all of our FreeBSD subscribers auto-magically." - FreeBSD Mall

AbiWord 0.7.8 binaries released for FreeBSD

"FreeBSD binaries for AbiWord 0.7.8 are now available from the AbiSource website. Highlights include: True WYSIWYG support, no more character dirt. Insert Date and Time dialog, Page-level navigation, Overline. Better support for non-English content. Added Swedish and Indonesian translations, updated others. LaTeX exporter, plus Word and RTF fixes. Better error propagation. Unix no longer requires libstdc++, misc PostScript fixes, RPM fixes for GNOME desktop integration." -- Daemon News

Revamped FreeBSD Diary Website
FreeBSD diary

"The FreeBSD Diary has been relaunched. In short, it has been given a new look, the /freebsd/ directory is gone and a reader forum has been added. This change has been made possible by sponsorship from Telenet Systems ( Despite the FreeBSD-specific title, the Diary is being read by OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Linux users. And I'm always looking for people willing to contribute articles to the site. And my thanks to Gregory Sutter for helping with the Apache rewrite rules so the links still work." -- Daemon News

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